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Leveling a Mountain of Manuscripts with a Small Scoop of Context

Ever hear the argument that our earliest copy of the historian Tacitus’ Annals (c. 116 CE) dates to the 9th century, seven hundred years later, but we have early copies of the Gospels dating to only a couple centuries after their composition? How … Continue reading

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Video Follow-up to the 10/42 Apologetic!

[As of June 20th, 2013, I have just learned that apologist Cliffe Knechtle has acknowledged errors in the 10/42 apologetic. I apologize for not mentioning Cliffe’s admission sooner, since he appears to have written it in 2012, but I just … Continue reading

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Methodological Approaches to Ancient History

Why do we trust some historical sources but not others? How am I justified in believing with high confidence that Alexander the Great existed, but doubting the existence of someone like Romulus or Moses? Do I have good grounds for … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons to Reject the Apologetic 10/42 Source Slogan

[As of April 2nd, 2013, one of the authors of The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus — Mike Licona — has acknowledged factual errors in the book’s section dealing with the 10/42 apologetic (pg. 128). I have revised the article in … Continue reading

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God Mode

When I was younger, like many teenagers growing up in the suburbs, I devoted a large amount of my time to video games. One of the most favored games to consume many hours of my youth was Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. … Continue reading

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My New Blog

After an interesting summer of debates on Facebook (with some comments reaching 20 double spaced pages), I have decided that this blog will be a more accessible and organized way to post my thoughts. I plan to post primarily on … Continue reading

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