Video Follow-up to the 10/42 Apologetic!

[As of June 20th, 2013, I have just learned that apologist Cliffe Knechtle has acknowledged errors in the 10/42 apologetic. I apologize for not mentioning Cliffe’s admission sooner, since he appears to have written it in 2012, but I just now learned of it. In his reply, Cliffe asks me a series of questions about the historical reliability of the Gospels, to which I reply.]

It has come to my attention that apologist Cliffe Knechtle has posted a video of the 10/42 argument that I had with him during his visit to the University of Arizona in October, 2010! Our conversation appears around 7:30 in the video:

Now, Cliffe’s crew selectively edited the video to make it look like my argument was about there being no contemporary busts for Jesus. This was a sub-point, but not at all of the main argument in context! I have made a full video response, summarizing the points in my previous blog that I have posted in response to Cliffe’s dishonest argument and misleading video editing:

Cliffe is visiting my old campus, the University of Arizona, next week. I won’t be there to confront him, but I have some friends who plan to confront him on his statistic, and this time film the interaction themselves, so that Cliffe cannot distort the video.

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