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“God Is Simple”: Can Apologists Even Conceptually Jump This Shark?

[This older post is no longer reflective of my current views, and I will be writing a new response to Craig and Plantinga, in a blog series that I am doing about the theology of Thomas Aquinas on my philosophy website Civitas … Continue reading

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A Response to Cliffe Knechtle’s Campus Apologetics

[As of June 20th, 2013, I have just learned that apologist Cliffe Knechtle has acknowledged errors in the 10/42 apologetic. I apologize for not mentioning Cliffe’s admission sooner, since he appears to have written it in 2012, but I just … Continue reading

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Is Atheism (Much Less Physicalism) Fashionable?

A growing slogan that I have recently heard echoing among apologetics circles is the claim that it is “popular” these days to be atheist, agnostic, or skeptical. The tactic is simple: represent atheism as some ephemeral trend of fashion and … Continue reading

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