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Faith-Based “Universities”: Degree-Granting Think Tanks?

Several years back I was gifted by my sister’s former pastor with a copy of Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ. In the book, Strobel claims to be performing a “journalist’s investigation” into the origins of Christianity. The structure of … Continue reading

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Teleological Vs. Deontological “Oughts”

Apologist: “There can’t be morality without a god!” Audience: “Oh no! That would mean violence in the streets! Chaos would reign! Humankind would be done for! We must believe in a deity!” This is the type of impression that many … Continue reading

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Objection! The Resurrection of Jesus Is Not a Court Case

A longstanding trend and slogan in apologetics is to frame the divinity and resurrection of Jesus as a court case. Well-published authors popularizing this comparison include Josh McDowell in Evidence That Demands A Verdict (rebutted here) and Lee Strobel in The Case for … Continue reading

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