Paley’s Comfort

In crossing a beach, suppose I pitched my foot against the ground and found a … Ray Comfort! Sure enough, during a weekend visit to Huntington beach I ran into Comfort a couple of months ago. Comfort performs open air preaching at the Huntington Beach pier every Saturday. The odds that I should live within 20 minutes of Comfort, as a skeptical blogger, were so minute that I decided that I must follow up and make a post on it. Comfort, despite our many disagreements on just about everything, was friendly in person and agreed to let me film him for a brief interview.

I wasn’t interested in discussing the teleology of a banana or basic evolutionary biology 101. But I did want to talk to Comfort about his “180” documentary. Since going up on YouTube the 180 video has received millions of viewers and become highly controversial for its comparison of abortion to the Holocaust. The Anti-Defemation League has condemned the video, while other social conservative groups have urged people to watch it as a “go to” video for the case against abortion. I was referred to it by a Christian girl half a year ago. I wasn’t very impressed. Comfort spends little time addressing the ethical issues of abortion and mostly just interviews young non-experts on the street (many looked like they couldn’t even speak English and one was a loudmouth Neo-Nazi).

The video has nevertheless become a popular apologetics video, urging people towards a socially conservative Christian worldview. As such, my duty on Κέλσος is to address it. Below I have provided the video of my interview with Comfort:

Comfort and I certainly had an interesting discussion. Enjoy!

-Matthew Ferguson

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