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Christian Street Preacher Shouts “You Deserve Rape” at College Students

Sadly, I know this kid. He started pulling stunts like this my last year at UofA. Originally people couldn’t figure out whether he was serious or not. A few people even speculated at first that he might be doing some … Continue reading

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Clarence “Bro” Cope: The Craziest Xian I Have Ever Met

I grew up among only believers and have known very many of them throughout my life. Most are well meaning people, some are brainwashed, some are zealous, and a number struggle to rationalize it all. The Christian Bible includes some … Continue reading

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Debate on the Don Johnson Show

Last Friday I had an informal, but quite interesting debate on the Don Johnson Show. The debate was rather long (approximately 2 1/2 hours), but it flew by quite quickly for me. Below are the two sections of the debate: Part … Continue reading

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Mike Licona Acknowledges Mistakes in the 10/42 Apologetic

I just saw via his website that apologist Mike Licona has respectfully acknowledged the errors in the 10/42 apologetic. Here is what Licona has written: “Humble Pie I want to make a correction to what Gary and I wrote in “The Case … Continue reading

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