Christian Street Preacher Shouts “You Deserve Rape” at College Students

Sadly, I know this kid. He started pulling stunts like this my last year at UofA. Originally people couldn’t figure out whether he was serious or not. A few people even speculated at first that he might be doing some sort of bizarre theatre project. Dean Fredrick Saxton IV, however, has become increasingly vitriolic and has sought increasingly offensive ways to get attention, culminating in this:

In the last couple of days he has brought worldwide infamy upon my home campus, catching the attention of the local Arizona Daily Wildcat, the national Huffington Post, and the international Daily Mail. In fact, you can simply Google search “You Deserve Rape” to see what a wave of outrage this kid has stirred up.

I posted earlier this month about Clarence “Bro” Cope, whom I regard as the craziest xian I have ever met. I actually met Clarence through Dean, when Clarence was repeatedly encouraging Dean to engage in this kind of behavior. In fact, not long after the terrorist attacks in Brussels last year, Clarence encouraged Dean to preach against Muslims and even told him that getting arrested overseas would be “good for his character.” What’s worse is that I know that the University of Arizona is partially funding this kid’s education. Although Dean frequently parrots right wing complaints about “government handouts,” he is wasting public funds to make a jack ass out of himself at UofA.

Now, many believers will say that Dean is not being a “true Christian” when he spawns slogans like “You Deserve Rape.” Once more, however, I think most believers are better people than the tribal barbarians who wrote their sacred scriptures. Consider just one verse from the “good book”:

“If a man is caught in town having sex with an engaged woman who isn’t screaming for help, they both must be put to death. The man is guilty of having sex with a married woman. And the woman is guilty because she didn’t call for help, even though she was inside a town and people were nearby. Take them both to the town gate and stone them to death. You must get rid of the evil they brought into your community” –Deuteronomy 22:23-24

That’s great, so if the woman doesn’t scream then she not only deserves the rape, but also to be stoned to death along with the rapist. Clearly, she deserved rape. Of course, an apologist at this point will no doubt try to defend the disgusting verse by arguing that the women wasn’t really being raped, because she didn’t scream. Sure, because a woman can never be raped unless she is screaming… Would any other book allow us to cling to such barbaric attitudes in modern times?

I think Dean would fit in quite well among a group of ancient Israelite marauders stoning, raping, and pillaging “heathens” and their enemies. Fortunately, the vast vast vast majority of believers are better than their holy book, and, when that is the case, we really need to re-examine where human decency comes from, because it certainly does not come from the Judeo-Christian Bible.

-Matthew Ferguson

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