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The Nation of Israel and Evangelical Ideology: How the Christian Mythos Alters Hibbat Tsiyon

[This blog is provided courtesy of a friend of mine, pen name Francis Adams, who majors in Judaic Studies and has some very interesting insights into how a very non-Christian movement in Jewish Zionism has become an object of infatuation in … Continue reading

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Trends of Atheism and Naturalism among Professional Philosophers

It is difficult to deny that there is a strong negative correlation between professional expertise in the field of science and traditional monotheistic beliefs. 93% of the members of the National Academy of Sciences doubt the existence of god, while an … Continue reading

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If God Was at Nuremberg

[This is a guest blog from my friend Michael Torri, a political science major with interests in World War Two, who asks us to consider how the god of the Bible would fare if he were tried as a war … Continue reading

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New Blog Server!

This blog is a continuation of my same blog from an older server: The old site had tons of problems with the commenting system and the server crashing. This new site should hopefully remedy that! If you have posted … Continue reading

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Let’s Presuppose That Miracles Happen: The Gospel Resurrection Stories Are Still Unworthy Of Belief

[This is a brief opinion piece that I wrote back on my old blog server a number of years ago. I still agree with the general points, but also check my more recent essays for further elaboration on many of the … Continue reading

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Bible Contradictions: Why Are They There? What Do They Entail?

The day was December 22, 69 CE. It was no ordinary day, at least not for the people of ancient Rome, and it was certainly not a quiet one. The previous year had seen the overthrow and suicide of the … Continue reading

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