New Blog Server!

This blog is a continuation of my same blog from an older server:

The old site had tons of problems with the commenting system and the server crashing. This new site should hopefully remedy that!

If you have posted a link to the old site, feel free to (and please do) update your links with the new URLs on this one. Thanks to everyone for their patience during the move over!

-Matthew Ferguson

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2 Responses to New Blog Server!

  1. testing test, I like it already. Here’s a vid I just upped
    Mythic Structure of Mark’s Gospel, Richard Carrier [AUDIO]

    • Comment received! Amen! Richard Carrier actually drew upon my Master’s thesis about ring composition in Suetonius when he did his literary analysis of Mark. Suetonius writes his biographies non-chronologically, so he can retain accuracy while shifting around material. The Gospels, however, present a linear narrative that would just (coincidentally) follow perfect narrative parallelism if they were true. Then again, maybe, just maybe the Gospel authors made up material for their allegories.

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