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Knocking Out the Pillars of the “Minimal Facts” Apologetic

When investigating virtually every other past event outside of the origins of Christianity, professional historians recognize that ancient texts — both Pagan and Christian — are generally incapable of proving paranormal claims about the past. This is due to no special bias against the … Continue reading

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Cliffe Knechtle Acknowledges Errors in the 10/42 Apologetic

I was just informed today, June 20, 2013, that apologist Cliffe Knechtle has acknowledged factual errors in the 10/42 apologetic on his website: My apologies for not posting this sooner, since Cliffe appears to have acknowledged the mistake in … Continue reading

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Defining Theism, Atheism, Supernaturalism, and Naturalism

A common slogan in religious apologetics is to claim that a-theists do not really understand what theism is, and that most atheistic critiques of theism hit the wrong target. Such criticisms have been expressed by apologists such as David Bentley … Continue reading

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