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More Κέλσος Coming in September

August is around the corner in which I will soon be helping to teach summer Classics courses at UCI. In addition, my Ph.D. Greek and Roman history qualifying exams are next quarter, which I need to devote time to this … Continue reading

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WLC Tries to Defend the Myth of Barabbas

In a previous essay about the historical implausibilities and authorial inventions in the Gospel Passion narratives, I discussed how the alleged custom of Pontius Pilate releasing a condemned criminal, simply because it was the Passover festival, and pitting Jesus (the son … Continue reading

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Evaluating the Bible’s Treatment of Women: Why Egalitarians Are Wrong and Everyone Else is Reprehensible

[This blog is provided courtesy of a friend of mine, pen name Francis Adams, who majors in Judaic Studies and will be discussing some of the bizarre and unsuccessful attempts to deny, disguise, or rationalize blatant chauvinism and sexism in the Bible.] … Continue reading

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Upcoming Debate with Nick Peters

For those of you following the blog for the last several days, there have been an ongoing series of posts between Nick Peters and I about the minimal facts apologetic for the resurrection. I have just posted my latest response … Continue reading

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New Pages on Κέλσος

I have added some new pages to the website that can be accessed on the top menu bar: First, due to some hostile attention I have received on some outside Christian websites, a number of trolls have been drawn here … Continue reading

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The “Minimal Facts” Apologetic Remains Toppled

Recently a Christian blogger named Nick Peters wrote a critical response (available here) to my article Knocking Out the Pillars of the Minimal Facts Apologetic. Having carefully read through his reply, I found very few issues that were not already … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis’ Milk Jug: Apologetics and the Retreat into Epistemology

[I am planning to expand this older essay into a new essay on naturalist epistemology, as part of my blog series “Thinking about the ‘Metaphysics’ in Metaphysical Naturalism,” on my philosophy blog Civitas Humana. As such, some of the content below may … Continue reading

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