New History & Philosophy FAQ on Κέλσος!

I’ve been working for almost a year now on this blog to build a comprehensive online resource for responding to common apologetic claims and slogans, particularly in the fields of history and philosophy. I’ve posted enough content at this point to provide an organized History & Philosophy FAQ that can serve as a directory for rebuttals to common apologetic arguments.

So far I have only posted links on this page to my own writings, but I may expand the FAQ later to include links to other online articles that I think are good and comprehensive rebuttals to issues that I have not addressed. I will also be updating the FAQ with links to more of my own posts, as I continue to respond to apologetic arguments on this blog.

For now, however, there is a new page on the menu bar that expands this blog as a database and educational resource.

-Matthew Ferguson

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2 Responses to New History & Philosophy FAQ on Κέλσος!

  1. JS Bach – ‘the fine-tuned universe’
    the second movement is quite haunting.

  2. Word-games, equivocation (lies) of popular naturalist positions, and not forgetting to caricature all online atheists & skeptics as purely troublemakers… adds up to suitable proof for the xian god?
    God: A simple question and it’s lengthy non-answer [AUDIO]

    Added bonus: A commercial for Celsusblog!

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