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The Old Goat of Capri: Historical Uncertainty and Plausible Doubt

For anyone who has been following this blog for a while now, my interest in the reign of the Roman emperor Tiberius should be rather apparent. I actually first decided to study Classics when, as an undergraduate, I read the … Continue reading

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Exploring the Implications of Moral Anti-Realism

“If there is no God, then all things are permitted” -Fyodor Dostoevsky There is dispute over whether Dostoevsky either says these words or agrees with the sentiment [1], but this quote, which is often repeated among apologetic circles, reflects a … Continue reading

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Resurrection Debate with Nick Peters

Alright, the recording of the debate can now be accessed online. I have uploaded it to the blog and you can listen to it below: Overall, I feel that the debate went very well and do not have any post-debate remarks … Continue reading

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Resurrection Debate Tomorrow

Tomorrow, September 9th, at 4pm PST I will be debating apologist Nick Peters about the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection. People will be able to listen to the debate both live and afterwards in an MP3 recording. To listen live there … Continue reading

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UC Irvine to Teach a Free Online ‘Walking Dead’ Zombie Course

I used to think that Classics offered the coolest courses that you could teach in college: plenty of sex affairs with the gods, crazy Roman emperors, and dead languages that one doesn’t learn for the pesky practical purpose of communicating … Continue reading

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