UC Irvine to Teach a Free Online ‘Walking Dead’ Zombie Course

I used to think that Classics offered the coolest courses that you could teach in college: plenty of sex affairs with the gods, crazy Roman emperors, and dead languages that one doesn’t learn for the pesky practical purpose of communicating with people (unless you enjoy speaking Latin with fellow grad students, as I have done frequently). For this reason, although the Humanities do not offer the most lucrative career, I decided that when I taught my first Latin course in Fall 2011 that I had found the perfect job; it never felt like actually doing work. Funny enough, my favorite job before grad school was when I worked as a night watchman in a Tucson cemetery (yes, a graveyard shift inside the graveyard), but Classics was even more fun than that.

But now my school has proven me wrong and is offering the best course ever conceived. zombie anteaterThis Fall, UCI will be teaching a course titled Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead”. The course is going to be taught by four professors, drawn from the fields of the social sciences, physics, public health, and mathematics. I must say that the disciplines outside of the Humanities are now offering the best possible combination. What are two things that are awesome? 1) Teaching college courses that do not provide practical skills and 2) Working for a cemetery. So what would be even better? Teaching a course about the undead! Brilliant!

The online course is free and anyone can enroll. I might sign up for it myself, considering that I am addicted to the show.

As perhaps an optional course textbook you can also pick up The Walking Dead and Philosophy: Zombie Apocalypse Now. I haven’t read it yet, but I plan to get a copy, as the ethical dilemmas of a post-apocolyptic zombie world fascinate me.

Anyhow, glad to see that my current school is getting good press over this, considering that my old one is known for street preachers shouting that women deserve rape. Woke up to this great news for UCI and I just had to share it.

-Matthew Ferguson

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2 Responses to UC Irvine to Teach a Free Online ‘Walking Dead’ Zombie Course

  1. Is there any chance to take this course as an on-line offering?
    every Christian apologist in the United States of America (in and outside the penal system)

  2. Adam Baum says:

    This is a good course but , if you are interested in similar such courses you can have a look at this . .


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