Upcoming Podcast Interview and Other News

I have been away from the blog for a little while, due to commitments with my graduate coursework. I won’t have time to write much new until the end of the Fall academic quarter (I have a PhD qualifying exam coming up, in addition to seminar finals and two discussion sections that I teach on the Roman Republic).

In the meantime I do have some good news to report. Gabe NonTheologian, one of the hosts of the NonTheology podcast, has invited me on for a discussion about Metaphysical Naturalism. Gabe became interested in the subject from listening to my discussion on the Don Johnson Show earlier this year, where I debated and defended Metaphysical Naturalism as a non-theistic worldview. On the podcast we will be expanding upon naturalist philosophy and its relevance to atheism and counter-apologetics.

The podcast interview is scheduled for January 4th, 2014. I’ll post a link here once the audio recording is available online.

Also in good news, Richard Carrier has posted on his blog another recommendation of Κέλσος, where he discusses some of my recent blogs about ancient historiography, epistemology of the supernatural, and skepticism towards the resurrection of Jesus.

Likewise, James McGrath, professor of Philosophy and Religion at Butler University, recently blogged about my article Ancient Historical Writing Compared to the Gospels of the New Testament. McGrath writes:

“[A]s a student of Classics [in agreement with] many mainstream New Testament scholars, Ferguson sees similarities to the novels of that period which were a popular form of historical fiction.”

I would also like to thank Michael Kok from Euangelion Kata Markon and Erlend MacGillivray from ClassicalTimeline for their comments and discussion, as professionals, on the question of the Gospels and genre.

Things have been very, very busy these last couple months, but I am glad to see that Κέλσος has inspired some good discussion on issues of Ancient History and Philosophy. I’ll be putting my time into my graduate program for the next several weeks, but I am thankful to everyone who has been reading the blog.

-Matthew Ferguson

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1 Response to Upcoming Podcast Interview and Other News

  1. Is Harry Potter True? extract and subsequent PhD Gift Idea

    [NPeters] “Now the comparison going around the net just doesn’t work. It says that Harry Potter has stories in it that are magical and therefore, it is untrue. The gospels also have stories in them that are magical. If we were being consistent, we’d say the gospels are untrue.

    To begin with, the objection assumes that such a thing as magic does not exist. We do not know that for sure. Now is it fine to be skeptical of such a claim. In fact, I encourage skepticism, but if your worldview automatically precludes such a thing, then you are reaching a decision before examining the evidence.”

    I imagined that a nice gift for when you get your PhD would be a heart & banner tattoo that says “a posteriori”.


    ps. Harry Potter IS true, hallelujah!

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