New Blog about Secular Humanism!

I am happy to announce that, starting today, Κέλσος will have a new sister-site! Civitas Humana is a new blog dedicated to exploring and discussing the human condition in a post-religion setting. If Κέλσος is the “wrecking ball,” so to speak, of religion, then Civitas Humana will serve as the “blue prints” for the new world, lifestyle, and community that we might build under secular humanism.

Here is the description from the About section of the blog:

civitashumana21Civitas Humana is a blog dedicated to discussing and promoting secular humanism as an ethical worldview in conjunction with a naturalist metaphysical worldview. The picture at the top symbolizes the blog’s mission: Adam, upon realizing that god does not exist and did not create him, looks out and instead sees the natural universe that has brought him into being and that he is a part of. Where and how far will humankind go once it has been freed from religion? The purpose of this blog is to explore and answer this question.

Secular humanism is a philosophy dedicated to discovering what it means to be human, what needs we have, and what methods will best help us to actualize, grow, and be fulfilled in this universe. Civitas Humana (Latin for “City of Humanity”) recognizes that religion, which has traditionally served as a pre-boxed, take-off-the-shelf worldview in most periods of our more primitive history, cannot answer these questions in light of discovering the purely natural and atheistic universe that we live in. Instead, this blog brings together arguments, perspectives, and ideas for how we, as nothing more than a global community of humans, might conceptualize and achieve the best possible world for ourselves and our children. Heaven may not exist in some supernatural realm, but we might build it here on Earth, but only once we recognize that it is not god, but we ourselves who must create it.”

The new blog’s name is a pun off of Augustine’s “City of God.” When Christianity took over and consumed Europe and the West, philosophy became chained to theology and religion. Nevertheless, the actual big questions in life do not amount to “How do you answer question X with/without God?” rather than “How can we humans answer and solve question X?”

Civitas Humana (“City of Humanity”) is dedicated to restoring philosophy to a purely secular, natural, and humanistic setting, so that we can not only refute and debunk religion, but also live lives that are fully emancipated and independent from it.

The blog’s chief author is my friend and colleague (pen name) Francis Adams. Adams has posted on this site previously about issues of the Bible and Sexism and the Modern Evangelical Obsession with the Nation of Israel. I will also be contributing to the new blog and posting articles there. Κέλσος will continue to serve as the main resource for counter-apologetics and intellectually defending atheism, naturalism, and secular humanism, while Civitas Humana will be the primary resource for exploring a post-religion future.

The first post of the new blog is “It Belongs in a Museum!” in which Adams discusses the obsolescence of religion, while acknowledging it as a part of humankind’s past. The post concludes with a call towards secular humanism not only as an alternative system, but also as the next logical stage of human progress.

Happy 2014!

Matthew Ferguson

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6 Responses to New Blog about Secular Humanism!

  1. ICW says:

    Although I believe God exists, I absolutely agree that a humanist philosophy which is purely natural and secular is essential. It’s the only way to forge a good and ordered society in the coming post-Christian days.

    We who desire this are certainly in good company with Seneca and all the friends of wisdom who came before and after him: investigating, thinking, and concluding about everything without a necessary reliance upon the gods.

    We have so many friends to call upon from ages past: friends who questioned, rather than merely imposed:

    quae illum felicitas, quam pulchra senectus manet, qui se in horum clientelam contulit? habebit, cum quibus de minimis maximisque rebus deliberet, quos de se cotidie consulat, a quibus audiat uerum sine contumelia, laudetur sine adulatione, ad quorum se similitudinem effingat.

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