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New Blog Series about Naturalist Metaphysics on Civitas Humana!

I have just started a new blog series on Civitas Humana about the branch of philosophy known as metaphysics, and how it relates to atheism, naturalism, and counter-apologetics. The new series, “Thinking about the ‘Metaphysics’ in Metaphysical Naturalism,” will seek to outline what … Continue reading

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Review of “Doubting Jesus’ Resurrection: What Happened in the Black Box?”

A couple of months ago I was sent a pre-release copy of Kris Komarnitsky’s second edition of Doubting Jesus’ Resurrection: What Happened in the Black Box?. I posted a review on Amazon when the second edition was published, but, seeing as today … Continue reading

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Matthew the τελώνης (“Toll Collector”) and the Authorship of the First Gospel

Last weekend I presented a paper at an Education in Antiquity academic conference, in which I discussed how one’s occupation and social status was tied to literacy and education in the ancient world. Knowing nothing about an individual, except for one’s profession, gives us … Continue reading

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