New Blog Series about Naturalist Metaphysics on Civitas Humana!

I have just started a new blog series on Civitas Humana about the branch of philosophy known as metaphysics, and how it relates to atheism, naturalism, and counter-apologetics. The new series, “Thinking about the ‘Metaphysics’ in Metaphysical Naturalism,” will seek to outline what the naturalist worldview looks like on both a universal and human scale, and how it can answer the big questions in life without the need of a deity or religion in any part of one’s life philosophy. Check it out!

Likewise, Francis Adams, chief author of Civitas Humana, has posted a new page “Introduction to Isms,” which spells out those slippery terms like “the human condition” and “posthumanism,” and how they can relate to Secular Humanism and the foundation of an ethical worldview entirely based on non-religious principles. Check that out as well!

As I explained in a previous post, both Adams and I have been very busy with graduate work, but, now that we have more time, we are going to substantially develop Civitas Humana as the sister-blog to this site. Look forward to more posts ahead!

Metaphysics Chart

-Matthew Ferguson


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