More Κέλσος and Civitas Humana Coming in June

The finals period is approaching for the Spring quarter in the UC system. That means writing seminar papers for me, in addition to grading undergraduate exams, and other end of the year business. As such, I will be away from blogging for the rest of May and the beginning of June (yes, the “Spring” quarter does not end until June in the UC system, which is very late compared to other university calendars). Comments are still welcome, but, since I will be busy, expect some lag in my response time.

In the meantime, I have just posted the next part in my series on Civitas Humana dealing with the metaphysics in metaphysical naturalism, which is titled “Cosmology and Time in Metaphysical Naturalism.”

In other good news, I also have just had an abstract accepted to present at the 112th annual PAMLA (Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association) conference in Riverside, CA. The theme of the conference is “Familiar Spirits” and it will deal with issues of the mystical and the supernatural. I have been accepted to present on the topic of metaphysically defining the natural vs. the supernatural. My paper will elaborate on my previous blog article “Defining the ‘Natural’ in Metaphysical Naturalism.”

Things will be very busy ahead, but there are a lot of exciting projects that I am working on. Thanks to everyone who has been reading and following the blog!

-Matthew Ferguson

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