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Why I Chose to Study Classics

This academic quarter I am commuting up to UC Santa Barbara to take two Religious Studies seminars with professor Christine Thomas, who does work in Biblical Studies, Classics, Turkish Archaeology, and a lot more! I am very grateful to have this opportunity, … Continue reading

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From Angry Atheist to Happy Humanist: How to Stop Hating on Religion and Start Celebrating Secularism

Originally posted on Civitas Humana:
I deconverted from Protestant Christianity over 5 years ago, right after I began my freshman year in college. It was, I suppose, a fairly typical and drama-free deconversion: I progressed out of the fundamentalism of…

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SBL Pacific Coast Region Conference 2015: Dennis MacDonald

Earlier this month I attended the SBL Pacific Coast Region conference at Azusa Pacific University. For those who have been following the Bible blog sphere, this conference was particularly prominent, since Richard Carrier defended his new book On the Historicity of Jesus … Continue reading

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Κέλσος and Civitas Humana Added to the ACI Scholarly Blog Index

I am glad to announce that my two academic blogs — Κέλσος and Civitas Humana — have recently been added to the ACI Scholarly Blog Index. The purpose of this scholarly blog index is to provide the following academic resource: ACI Scholarly Blog Index is an editorially … Continue reading

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