From Angry Atheist to Happy Humanist: How to Stop Hating on Religion and Start Celebrating Secularism

This article was just posted by Francis Adams on Civitas Humana, the sister-blog to Κέλσος; however, I have decided to share it here as well, since the points made in the article reflect the attitude and approach to discussing atheism/secularism/humanism that I likewise seek to promote here on Κέλσος.

Civitas Humana

I deconverted from Protestant Christianity over 5 years ago, right after I began my freshman year in college. It was, I suppose, a fairly typical and drama-free deconversion: I progressed out of the fundamentalism of my childhood, becoming more and more concerned with the verity of my worldview all throughout high school, only to then be exposed to a diversity of new ideas and information in college. I participated in a fairly moderate, non-denominational Christian congregation for the beginning of my freshman year, until eventually coming to the conclusion at my dorm one night, under the stars, that I was, indeed, an atheist.

angry-atheistThe first 3 years of being “religion-free” went by for me with a certain level of ambivalence for all things spiritual. However, in more recent years, I have noticed a less tolerant trend in my attitudes and approach to religion. For a while, whenever I encountered religion…

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