Blog Housekeeping

Two days ago was the three year anniversary of when I first created this blog. I started Κέλσος during the first year of my PhD program, and blogging since then has been great for making academic connections, organizing my thoughts and arguments, and also spreading information about the ancient Mediterranean world to a broader audience. Blogging here has also been a learning experience, and, I must admit, it has often been rather exhausting. 

Now that I am starting work on my PhD dissertation, I’ve decided to close a chapter in this blog’s history. After three years I have written a lot of material, and I plan to write more, both as I work on my dissertation and my book project. However, I would also like to focus the future of this site on this new material.

As such, I have decided to close comments on this blog for posts that are older than six months old. I take the time to write detailed answers to comments on this site, and it is has been difficult to continue doing so for posts and discussion threads that are multiple years old. I figure that half a year is a good timespan for my posts to circulate, get feedback, and have discussion. Some blogs close comments much earlier, but I think that six months is a good window to still allow latecomers to have a say.

I’ve also decided to focus Κέλσος more on my Classics, New Testament, and ancient history work, while I use my other blog, Civitas Humana, for my philosophy, naturalist, and secular humanist writing. Some of my older philosophy essays are still on this blog, but in the future I will be posting new content on these topics on Civ.

-Matthew Ferguson

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