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Plans for the Winter Quarter

These last couple weeks have been crazy hectic, so I want to give an update on what I have been busy with, and how it will affect my availability for the next couple months. First, I had a good time … Continue reading

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Currently Sick: Expect Some Delay

I flew back from San Francisco yesterday, and I sat next to a very sick guy on the airplane. I am not feeling well this morning, which is a rough way to start the Winter academic quarter. I also have … Continue reading

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A Manifesto for Secular Scriptural Scholarship ​and Religious Studies

Recently I signed a manifesto, sponsored by Hector Avalos and André Gagné, titled “A Manifesto for Secular Scriptural Scholarship and Religious Studies.” Avalos is working to start a new movement, called “The Second Wave of New Atheism.” I have never really … Continue reading

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SCS/AIA 2016 Annual Meeting in San Francisco

This week I am flying to San Francisco to attend the 147th annual meeting of the Society for Classical Studies and Archaeological Institute of America. The meeting will be taking place from January 6-9, and I’ll be staying in San Francisco … Continue reading

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More Lies, Polemics, and Vehement Language from Christian Apologist David Marshall

For fun, I thought I’d share this write-up that I did over Winter break, especially given some of David Marshall’s recent activity in the blog sphere:

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Ed Babinski Reviews Craig Keener, “Miracles,” on his Claims about Johann Blumhardt and David Strauss

Fellow blogger and author of Leaving the Fold: Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists, Ed Babinski, on Scrivenings has also written a critical review of some of the material in Craig Keener’s Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts. In particular, Babinski has written about some … Continue reading

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