Plans for the Winter Quarter

These last couple weeks have been crazy hectic, so I want to give an update on what I have been busy with, and how it will affect my availability for the next couple months.

First, I had a good time in San Francisco a couple weeks back, where I met Classicist Trevor Luke, who is doing research on Roman healing miracles. His research is highly relevant to my ongoing review of Craig Keener, and I hope to discuss it at some point ahead.

Secondly, my flight back to Los Angeles sucked. I was stuck sitting next to a very sick guy who was coughing and blowing his nose the whole time on the flight back. Everyone on the plane was mad that he got on the flight, and I even had multiple people come up to me, after we landed, to express concern over my situation. Fortunately, my partner Camille (the love of my life) had some immune-boosting tea, vitamin C, and cold prevention medicine ready when I got home, which managed to stave off most of the sickness. So, I haven’t been sick these last couple weeks.

However, I have had to catch up on a ton of graduate work, including readings for a French literature course that I am TAing. I have been reading Tristan and Iseult over the last several days, as well as Manon LescautDepressing French romance and adultery has, funny enough, though, been a welcome distraction from my other work.

Now to the most important part: I have a lot of work that I need to do on my dissertation this quarter, and that will need to take top priority. My upcoming debate with Craig Evans is likewise a month away, and I need to prepare for that as well. As such, my availability for blogging will be very limited this quarter, at least until I can make some major progress in my graduate work. It’s too early to tell when I will have more free time again, so right now I am tentatively declaring a break for the Winter quarter. I’ll be back at least by Spring Break, and possibly before then if I make good progress, but otherwise I need to put things on hold.

I have approved all pending comments, including some that I didn’t have time to answer, so there are none currently waiting in moderation. I have decided not to temporarily close comments on the blog, since I don’t want block people from giving input, but my ability to answer comments will be very limited this quarter. So, if I don’t get back to you quickly, the reason why is that I am busy.

I hope that everyone reading has had a good start to the new year. 2016 promises to be a major year of change, for better or for worse, with everything going on with the presidential election. The next weeks ahead should thus be pretty exciting!

 -Matthew Ferguson
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1 Response to Plans for the Winter Quarter

  1. Anselm says:

    Don’t take this the wrong way, Matthew, but your post relieves me tremendously! I’ve just discovered your site, and as an interested layman regarding such matters I’m finding it addictive. Your posts are among the most expert, clear and informative I’ve read on the subjects you treat. Downside: I’m finding it hard to keep up with the sheer volume of your erudition. So your being snowed under means that I have a chance to catch up with all your blogs that are of interest to me – i.e. pretty much all of them. Carry on, sergeant!


    PS – best of luck with Craig Evans!

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