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To follow up on Michael Alter’s excellent blog exposing the disproportionate amount of money and resources in Christian apologetics–compared to far less numerous secular resources–I would like to ask readers of this blog to consider offering support on Patreon this holiday season for Κέλσος and Civitas Humana:

Donations start as low as $1 per month, meaning that you would only be paying the equivalent of a $12 a year subscription for the content on this blog. One-time donations can also be offered through PayPal:

I’ve been blogging for over five years now, and have built up a very large archive on this blog. When considering whether to pledge support for my blogging and academic work, here are some factors that are worth taking into account:

  • I did a word count on my two academic blogs recently, and the total amount for substantive posts (excluding announcements, etc.) was 508,198 words. That is the equivalent of roughly 2,032 double-spaced pages of content. That’s enough material for a multi-volume work. And since I hyperlink my citations, the bibliography would be much shorter, which factors in even more substantive material.
  • This blog recently exceeded over 400,000 thousand page views around the world. Considering that the average non-fiction book sells less than 2,000 copies over its lifetime, this is a much wider distribution of knowledge and material than is normally achieved through standard publishing. By just pledging $1 a month for a $12 a year subscription, you would only be paying a low price for a non-fiction book for all of the content on this blog.
  • Much of the information on this blog can be found nowhere else. For example, when I first started blogging here, I debunked an egregiously false apologetic statistic claiming that there were more literary sources from antiquity for Jesus than for the contemporary emperor Tiberius Caesar. I’ve recently documented that this false statistic has been circulated in eleven different apologetic publications, which span six different Christian publishers. And yet, the full refutation of this misinformation can only be found on this blog, and nowhere else.
  • What’s worse is that I’ve also discovered that, even after apologist Mike Licona conceded in 2013 that the sources for Jesus vs. Tiberius apologetic is wrong, Christian authors are still circulating the claim! Out of the eleven publications discussed above, five of them were published after 2013!
  • So even after apologetic misinformation has been debunked, and even been conceded to have been debunked by their own authorities, apologetic authors are still spreading the same misinformation like wildfire! And yet, to find the truth on such matters, this blog can sometimes be your only source.
  • Finally, to find secular answers to many apologetic arguments, you often have to track down secular scholars who are not widely known in atheist circles. On this blog, I don’t just cite popular New Atheist authors like Richard Dawkins. Instead, I always work to connect people to the best secular authorities on relevant issues in history and philosophy, some of whom only publish in books and journals that are not accessible to the public. Supporting my academic works helps me to continue to bridge the gap between mainstream academia and the public.

As Michael Alter has discussed on this blog, the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS) can literally boast $1.8 billion in total annual revenue and $8 billion in total long-term investments.

Consider what you can do to help the far less numerous resources for secularism by supporting this blog, starting at as low as $1 a month.

-Matthew Ferguson

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