Upcoming Interview with Michael Cain on the Freeligion Podcast

I am quite busy with dissertation work right now, so I will get back to my dialogue with Trevor Luke on the miracles of Jesus as soon as I can. In the meantime, I have an announcement to make about an upcoming podcast interview that I have planned. I will be interviewed by Michael Cain, who runs the Freeligion Podcast, on the subject of historical apologetics.

Cain served as the moderator during my panel debate in Riverside last year. We are still working out what topics we will discuss, but we may cover how to distinguish stronger historical apologetics from weaker ones. During that debate, for example, a number of arguments came up about trying to defend the Gospels as forensic, court documents, which is frankly bogus methodology. There is no precedent in Classical Studies for investigating a historian like Tacitus, for example, as we would a witness in court. Even minimal facts apologetics, which attempt to use historical methodology, are a far more valid approach to defending things like the resurrection than juridicial apologetics, which have no parallel in other areas of ancient history.

Right now, Cain and I are planning to hold the interview sometime later this year, and the podcast should be available shortly after that. Let me know in the comments if there are any topics relating to historical apologetics that you are also interested in us discussing!

-Matthew Ferguson

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