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Radio Debate with Craig Evans on the Dating of the Gospels

Last Thursday I took part in a radio debate, sponsored by First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Houston, TX. The debate was moderated by reverend Evan McClanahan, and my debate partner was evangelical biblical scholar Craig Evans. The topic of the debate was 1) the date(s) … Continue reading

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February Radio Debate with Craig Evans

One month ago I received an email from a pastor in Houston, TX named Evan McClanahan about arranging a digital radio debate on the topic of dating the canonical Gospels. McClanahan is the pastor of First Evangelical Lutheran Church, and hosts … Continue reading

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Resurrection Debate with Nick Peters

Alright, the audio recording of the debate is now available online. You can download it at the following link (I’ll try to upload the media file here later, but you can download it for now): Overall, I feel that … Continue reading

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Debate on the Don Johnson Show

Last Friday I had an informal, but quite interesting debate on the Don Johnson Show. The debate was rather long (approximately 2 1/2 hours), but it flew by quite quickly for me. Below are the two sections of the debate: Part … Continue reading

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