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Bayesian Analysis of Craig Keener, “Otho: A Targeted Comparison”

Recently I received feedback from ancient historian Richard Carrier about my previous review of Craig Keener’s article–“Otho: A Targeted Comparison of Suetonius’ Biography and Tacitus’ History, with Implications for the Gospels’ Historical Reliability”–which is chapter 6 of Biographies and Jesus: What Does … Continue reading

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Mary Magdalene and Judas Iscariot Never Existed: The Author of the Gospel of Mark Created Them (Guest Blog by New Testament Scholar Dennis MacDonald)

Below is a guest blog that NT scholar Dennis MacDonald asked me to post here on Κέλσος. MacDonald argues that both Mary Magdalene and Judas Iscariot are fictional characters that never historically existed, but were created by the author of … Continue reading

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Ed Babinski Reviews Craig Keener, “Miracles,” on his Claims about Johann Blumhardt and David Strauss

Fellow blogger and author of Leaving the Fold: Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists, Ed Babinski, on Scrivenings has also written a critical review of some of the material in Craig Keener’s Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts. In particular, Babinski has written about some … Continue reading

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From Angry Atheist to Happy Humanist: How to Stop Hating on Religion and Start Celebrating Secularism

Originally posted on Civitas Humana:
I deconverted from Protestant Christianity over 5 years ago, right after I began my freshman year in college. It was, I suppose, a fairly typical and drama-free deconversion: I progressed out of the fundamentalism of…

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Evaluating the Bible’s Treatment of Women: Why Egalitarians Are Wrong and Everyone Else is Reprehensible

[This blog is provided courtesy of a friend of mine, pen name Francis Adams, who majors in Judaic Studies and will be discussing some of the bizarre and unsuccessful attempts to deny, disguise, or rationalize blatant chauvinism and sexism in the Bible.] … Continue reading

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The Nation of Israel and Evangelical Ideology: How the Christian Mythos Alters Hibbat Tsiyon

[This blog is provided courtesy of a friend of mine, pen name Francis Adams, who majors in Judaic Studies and has some very interesting insights into how a very non-Christian movement in Jewish Zionism has become an object of infatuation in … Continue reading

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If God Was at Nuremberg

[This is a guest blog from my friend Michael Torri, a political science major with interests in World War Two, who asks us to consider how the god of the Bible would fare if he were tried as a war … Continue reading

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