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Some New Thoughts on My Book Project

In an earlier post I discussed some of the plans that I had in mind for my anticipated book project, which will be inspired by this blog. Since writing that post, however, I have decided to take the book in a … Continue reading

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Co-Authoring a Critical Review of Geisler and Turek’s “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist” with Jeff Lowder

I have a publication announcement about some of the recent work that I have been doing with Jeff Lowder, president emeritus of the Secular Web. Lowder is doing a lengthy, chapter-by-chapter critical review of Christian apologists Norman Geisler and Frank Turek’s … Continue reading

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“Griffin Beak, Mermaid Fin, and Dragon Blood Stew” Is Now on the Secular Web!

This summer I have been sending out a number of articles to publishers, and one has just recently been published on the Secular Web. I have reworked my old blog post “Griffin Beak, Mermaid Fin, and Dragon Blood Soup” into … Continue reading

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Why Scholars Doubt the Traditional Authors of the Gospels

[I am currently expanding this blog essay into an electronic journal article for publication. As part of the publication process, I plan to make a few changes and revisions to this current version in the future version. I will post a … Continue reading

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Ancient Historical Writing Compared to the Gospels of the New Testament

[This essay has since been published as a peer-reviewed article that can be accessed online here.] One of the subjects that first got me interested in Classics, even before I began my Ph.D. graduate studies, was the genre of ancient Greek … Continue reading

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