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Christian Apologist David Marshall’s Recent Behavior and Response to My Blog

I have focused heavily on doing academic work over the past couple weeks, which has freed up time this Friday to address some recent activity in the circles of Christian apologetics. Recently, Christian apologist David Marshall wrote a critique of me … Continue reading

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Ross Clifford’s Response to Κέλσος

Recently a Christian apologist named Ross Clifford (principal of Morling College, Australia) has written a response to an article here on Κέλσος. Clifford’s response is to my article “Objection! The Resurrection of Jesus Is Not a Court Case,” which is a critical … Continue reading

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The “Minimal Facts” Apologetic Remains Toppled

Recently a Christian blogger named Nick Peters wrote a critical response (available here) to my article Knocking Out the Pillars of the Minimal Facts Apologetic. Having carefully read through his reply, I found very few issues that were not already … Continue reading

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