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Yet Another Case of Apologetic Dishonesty in Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Christ”: The Historical Evidence for Alexander the Great versus that of Jesus of Nazareth

Years back when I was completing my Classics M.A. program at the University of Arizona, I was gifted by my sister’s former pastor with a copy of Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ. In the book Strobel tries to argue … Continue reading

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Ancient Historical Writing Compared to the Gospels of the New Testament

[This essay has since been published as a peer-reviewed article that can be accessed online here.] One of the subjects that first got me interested in Classics, even before I began my Ph.D. graduate studies, was the genre of ancient Greek … Continue reading

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Outside Corroboration as a Historical Criterion and the Validity of Arguments from Silence

[This is an older essay, and I plan to update some of the content in the near future. In the meantime, while I still agree with the general points of this essay, note that I am planning to edit and … Continue reading

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Objection! The Resurrection of Jesus Is Not a Court Case

A longstanding trend and slogan in apologetics is to frame the divinity and resurrection of Jesus as a court case. Well-published authors popularizing this comparison include Josh McDowell in Evidence That Demands A Verdict (rebutted here) and Lee Strobel in The Case for … Continue reading

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March to Martyrdom! (Down the Yellow Brick Road…)

Who among us hath not heard the old drum that the apostles and earliest followers of Jesus would not have been willing to die for their beliefs, if they knew that the resurrection had been a lie? Since we know that the … Continue reading

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Leveling a Mountain of Manuscripts with a Small Scoop of Context

Ever hear the argument that our earliest copy of the historian Tacitus’ Annals (c. 116 CE) dates to the 9th century, seven hundred years later, but we have early copies of the Gospels dating to only a couple centuries after their composition? How … Continue reading

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Methodological Approaches to Ancient History

Why do we trust some historical sources but not others? How am I justified in believing with high confidence that Alexander the Great existed, but doubting the existence of someone like Romulus or Moses? Do I have good grounds for … Continue reading

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